Return on investment

Whether you want to replace a homegrown solution or an existing vendor, the investment you make in us will be a good one.

Faster, autonomous automation

New revenue

Less administration

Increased Decreased
1.2 to 10 x user base growth Freeloaders sharing passwords
Developer satisfaction Management hours
Ecosystem scalability Risk & costs
Data-driven insights to increase conversion & engagement Time to market
Group accounts Help-desk costs
Win-back programs Compliance & audit budget
Trial offerings  

Game-changer in access management

  Sharing Access Self-service Access Personalised Access
Convenience Let your users securely share the access you’ve given them Access on the spot Relevant & recommended
Security Relationship-based access control; no password sharing Validation workflows Least privilege; Consent 2.0
Impact Drive fast organic growth Operational efficiency Superior user experience

Our externalized authorization enables distributed organizations like yours to open up & scale their services to different people and parties within any specific ecosystem.

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