Accelerate and improve software build

Speed up development and adoption while decreasing risk with our next-generation externalized authorization solution.


Accelerate your time to market

Combat failure to deliver value in a timely manner by choosing trusted technology that cuts bad practices and makes access consistent, scalable, and secure.

Externalized authorization

Decoupling authorization from your applications lets you enforce the same policy across multiple applications and easily implement any policy changes without having to change your application code.

Rest API integration

We seamlessly plug into your IT architecture with our REST API setup and our use of open standards (OAuth 2.0 and OIDC 1.0). We connect with the most widely used identity providers who authenticate users for us.

Zero trust

Let us take care of access control while you focus on your core functionalities. Our authorization engine takes a zero-trust approach and automatically verifies each access request in real-time.

Binary (permit/deny)Fine-grained
Single PurposeScalable
For business & employeesAlso for consumers
User restrictionsUser growth


Authorize users to spread your solution

Use relationship-based access control to let end users share your software or to let customer or ecosystem partner organizations manage access for their members.

Sharing access

Use our prebuilt invitation workflows to let end users invite others to access or sample your software. Our unique authorization model lets you define the rules on who can share what functionality or service with what type of relationship.

Delegated administration simplified

Let your customers authorize third-party organizations to manage access for their members to your technology without having to go through the elaborate process of signing a federation agreement first.

Contingent workforce access

Let employees invite independent contractors, freelancers, or temporary workers to join their team and get access to your software.


Access management for multitenant applications

Set different access policies and terms for individual tenants within multi-tenant applications.

Tenant-based access control

Apply different access rules or different terms to which a user has to consent for each instance.

Separate admin accounts

Delegate administration rights to different admins per instance. Give them complete access to policy and user management.

Platform benefits

Rapid adoptionDelegate administrationSharing access
Organic growth
through ecosystem sharing
Fine-grained authorizationAccess from personal devices
Decrease cost & complexityZero Trust securityInformed consent
Future-proof, scalable technologyReduce the cost of
managing access change
Self-service request
with just in time access
Innovation based on network insightsRule-based access control
to alleviate the administrative burden
Consistent user experience