Consumer Access

Offer more value, a better experience, and higher performance.
Scaled Access is designed to support customer-centric digital transformation.

Access Privileges

Fine-tune access rights based on the type of consumer, subscription, or lifecycle stage with our easy-to-use Policy Manager.

Consumer Sharing

Enable consumers to temporarily share your service or resource with a friend, tenant, neighbor, or a trusted advisor to share their experience or get a second opinion.

Group Management

Authorize residential customers to create a family (or association) group, and to add or remove members. Members get individual access to the same subscription, shopping cart, loyalty program, or smart device. You decide how many users are included, and if restrictions apply (i.e., underage users).


Enhance costumer experience

Adapt to consumer expectations and let them engage in word-of-mouth behavior through secure sharing.

Improve recommendation systems

Use network insights on who users are sharing your resources with for collaborative filtering or other recommender techniques.

Stop freeloading

Let people securely share resources, not passwords. Offer an alternative to freeloading.

Give access to users, not accounts

Each user needs to self-register, which means you get to know each individual within a group or family account.

Consumer-centric Workflows

Make acquiring, sharing, and revoking access as easy as managing your email. Our workflows are built for consumers, not admins.

Graphical Policy Editor

Easily build and adapt rules on who gets to share what with whom and how long with our intuitive graphical policy editor and rule templates.

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