Securely place financial information into the hands of more parties

Use advanced access management to improve security posture, facilitate FinTech companies to provide additional services, and let clients securely share the advice you give them.


Advancing secure interactions

Scaled Access provides a revolutionary authorization platform that empowers your employees to invite partners or business organizations to access your applications or services securely.

Enabling open finance

Give FinTech companies secure fine-grained access to your application programming interfaces (API) to accommodate additional services such as financial recommendations and PSD2 payment authorizations.

Accomodate corporate clients

Upgrade your services by allowing your staff to authorize business customers to administer their users who access your applications or financial services without signing a federation agreement.


Putting the client first

Answer your clients’ increased demand to digitally manage and discuss their finances and to create greater transparency.

Client-directed service

Put your clients in the driving seat by allowing them to securely share financial data, policies, or plans with beneficiaries, co-owners, or even with your agents or experts for financial advice.

Data privacy

Ensure that your users consent that you or your partner companies access their respective banking data to comply with GDPR and CCPA. Customers have the right to know which party accesses what data and for what purpose.


Delivering the safest experience

We help financial firms address the new security risks that come with digital servicing and an open ecosystem.

Security standards

Embrace secure protocols and stop using risky and outdated techniques. Scaled Access’s externalized authorization utilizes libraries and the same open standards as companies building Open Banking and PSD2 solutions – OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect 1.0. – allowing for simple integration with your applications, systems, and identity solution.

Zero trust approach

Buying externalized authorization is the first step to zero-trust because our technology provides innovative policy-based access management, fine-grained permissions, and automated access control as banks and insurance companies migrate to the cloud and retire old legacy systems.