Increased access to leverage digital health technologies

Engage patients, improve collaboration and outcomes and reduce unnecessary healthcare expenditure by sharing of secure access to information, data, and devices.


Get different perspectives and valuable insights

Effective collaboration requires sharing information across the healthcare ecosystem. Connect hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, public health, and any other healthcare provider who needs access and let them manage access for their staff. 

Multi-disciplinary teams

Let employees invite independent specialists or temporary staff to get access to EHR, EMR, and patient-generated data across multiple sites or digital applications.

Healthcare compliance

Give users fine-grained access to clinical notes, lab tests, medical images, sensor readings, genomics, and operational and financial data.

Integrated healthcare

Bridge silos with a single API-based authorization platform that manages access to multiple applications. Achieve a fast, efficient exchange of health data on a global scale.


Give patients control

Patients want to access their personal health information and discuss it with family, close friends, or their family doctor. Use relationship-based access control to enable the patient-directed exchange of medical data.

Patient self-directed care

Design a policy that lets patients access their own data and services. Replace information asymmetry with transparency.

A second opinion

Allow patients to share their diagnosis or records to consult with the people or caregivers they trust.

Use our consent management capabilities to ensure that the patient has provided informed consent to use their medical data.


Increase the adoption of virtual health applications

Telehealth, digital therapeutics, and care navigation are on the rise. Choose a future-proof access solution that leverages MedTech solutions and gives patients and care providers peace of mind on who accesses which health-related data for what purpose.

Wearable devices and privacy

Let patients consent to the access and use of monitoring data to their care providers to help make more data-driven decisions about their care and daily habits.


Invite patients to agree to the telemedicine session and to access their health history, exams, x-rays, and other tests. Let other providers join the session.


Organize More Efficient and Effective Clinical Trials

It takes a lot of time to onboard all the stakeholders involved in clinical trials. Permit research teams that conduct the trial to manage access for professionals, participants, and partners. 

Speed up enrollment

Let study staff invite healthy people or patients to participate and access clinical trial resources. And let participants themselves invite family members to check on them during the trial. 

Fine-grained access

Give compliance organizations, pharmaceutical, or BioTech staff fine-grained access to trial information, procedures, and results. Select which roles get to view identifiable private information.

Power of attorney

Authorize a legal representative or proxy (usually a family member) to give permission for the person to participate if he or she can’t do so because of problems with memory or thinking.