Why Scaled Access?

Obsessed with Authorization


Scaled Access lets you build more complex and context-based policies. Our platform deploys a unique authorization model that uses attributes, context and relationships to map out permissions. We combine relationship-based access control (ReBAC) with XACML inspired attribute-based access control (ABAC).


Our policy engine grants permissions in less than 1 millisecond and our authorizations are processed by resource servers in less than 5 milliseconds.


It doesn’t matter how many users, parties, resources or applications you want to provide authorization for. Our graph database can manage an unlimited number of nodes and edges.


We all access different services using different devices such as our smartphone, watch or embedded device. IoT, the sharing economy, cloud computing and 5G will only increase the demand for scalable access.
Our platform lets you open up & scale your services to new people and parties.

Easy to integrate

We seamlessly plug into your current IT architecture and connect with the most widely used identity providers who authenticate users for us. Our REST API based setup and our use of open standards such as OAuth 2.0 and OIDC 1.0 makes integration simple.

Rapid setup

Setup is fast. We provide you with a blueprint that you can fully customize to your business needs.
Our Config API makes it simple for you to build your own access policy.

Access Management for tomorrow, today

Diagram of how the Scaled Access authorization engine works
Scaled Access Other Solutions
Relationship-Based Access Control Yes No
Graph database Yes No
Consent enforcement Yes No
Data-driven insights Yes No
Scalability Unlimited Limited
Setup time 2 weeks 4 months
OAuth 2.0 Yes Yes

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