Why Scaled Access?

Obsessed with Authorization


We take fine-grained authorization to the next level.
Our platform deploys a unique authorization model that combines XACML inspired attribute-based access control (ABAC) with relationship-based access control (ReBAC).


Our policy engine grants permissions in less than 1 millisecond and our authorizations are processed by resource servers in less than 5 milliseconds.


It doesn’t matter how many users, parties, resources or applications you want to provide authorization for. Our graph database can manage an unlimited number of nodes and edges.


We all access different services using different devices such as our smartphone, watch or embedded device.
Remote working, the sharing economy, cloud computing, IoT and 5G will only increase the demand for the ecosystem access we provide.

Easy to integrate

We seamlessly plug into your IT architecture with our REST API setup and our use of open standards (OAuth 2.0 and OIDC 1.0). We connect with the most widely used identity providers who authenticate users for us.

Rapid setup

We give you an access policy blueprint that you can fully customize to your business needs in just a matter of weeks.

Access Management for tomorrow, today

Diagram of how the Scaled Access authorization engine works

Combining robust security with a superior UX

Traditional View of Authorization Our view
Manual Automation
In-house Outsourced
Binary (permit/deny) Fine-grained
Central Delegated
On-premises Cloud-based
Single Purpose Scalable
For business & employees for consumers as well
User restrictions User growth

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