Integration Features

Built on identity management

Scaled Access does not aim to reinvent identity management. Instead, we use the OpenID Connect authentication layer to connect with the most widely used identity providers who authenticate each user for us. We add scalable access and authorization on top.

Built for zero latency

Our platform isn’t slowed down by a reverse proxy. Client applications communicate directly with our web servers.

Cloud based for reliability

Security is serious. And so is scalability. That’s why we’re 100% cloud based. Don’t worry about upgrade, downtime or peak overloading. We’ve got you covered.

API based setup

Our API based setup lets us easily plug into your current IT architecture. You don’t need any added tech. Our solution is already successfully integrated with highly adopted cloud providers such as:

Adopts industry standards

Do the platforms that you use follow industry standards? Great. Just plugin-and-play. Easy.
We strike a balance of using established standards, namely OAuth 2.0 for authorization and OIDC 1.0 for authentication, with up and coming standards such as XACML for authorisation rules, Kantara for consent and UMA 2.0 for user managed access.

Config API

Authorization policies define who gets to do what and is dependent on each specific business ecosystem and needs. We've developed a Config API to make it easy for each organization to build and adapt their own access policy.

The initial setup is done by a blueprint that you can fully customize to your business needs. You can define your user network, create consents for different regions, and decide which conditions your users must meet to be granted access.