Shared access
for internet of things

Make everyone’s life more convenient by authorizing IoT owners and installers to easily add or remove users who need to access your smart devices or IoT apps.
On your terms.


Multi-user controls in smart homes,
offices, or buildings

Enable owners to easily share access to automation systems to control lighting, climate, and security with people at home or at work.

Real-world interactions

Permissions shouldn’t last forever. Put access administration in the owner’s hands to make sure access is granted or revoked when users or relationships change.

Temporary access

Use our prebuilt sharing workflows to let owners grant limited access to guests or temporary staff to smart devices or systems. Everybody needs to self-register, which means all users will be visible to you.

Multi-user support
for smart houses or buildings

Different access for

Device owner/subscriber
Occupant (fix)
Occupant (temporary) (e.g., cleaners, babysitters)
The staff of the appliance provider
Users changeOccupants move
Household employees change
Guests come and go
Different types of relationshipsLandlord and renter
Parents and children
Relationships changeChildren become adults
Renters buy
Consent to use & store personal dataBe GDPR compliant – can other device users see your personal information?
PrivacyCan other device users track what you’re up to?


Realize the value of IoT

Offer partners fine-grained access to IoT data
to provide value-added services to smart cities, buildings, and things 
and use data we collect about access sharing.

Adding value

Authorize partner or supplier organizations to manage access to IoT data for their staff to offer predictive maintenance, to help with energy consumption, or to make the environment safer.

Network insights

Use the data we log in our event stream about activities and relationships – who users give access to – to build innovative smart solutions and services.


Smart access for smart mobility

Use access technologies to continue to move
toward open platforms and data to drive technology-enabled mobility services.

Alternative mobility

Define relationship-based access permissions to securely offer unknown users – who need to self-register first – access to carsharing, fleet sharing, carpooling, and on-demand ride services.

Connected cars

Connect with partners and give them fine-grained access to driving data to deliver mobility services that increase vehicle uptime and safety, and lower emissions and operational costs.

Smart mobility

Build rules on which mobility stakeholder needs access to what information to help reduce congestion, lower accident rates, improve air quality, shrink the urban footprint required for parking, and build new infrastructure.


Data privacy and security

Smart devices collect vast amounts of user data on a daily basis.
Users have the right to know which party gets access to what data for what purpose.
Unauthorized users should not get any access at all.

Consumer trust

Increase user trust in how your users’ personal data is handled, accessed, and used by your company, partners, and other users who share your devices or IoT apps with our advanced informed consent enforcement capabilities.

Zero trust

The IoT infrastructure provides a vast fabric for cyber-attacks, making security extremely important. Invest in a solution that adopts zero-trust and automatically verifies each access request.