Sharing as a service

Authorize your subscribers to share the content they like securely.
Let them grow your subscriber base, manage group subscriptions, and reduce freeloading at the same time.


Let subscribers share content, not passwords

1 out of 2 adults is “freeloading” content off someone else’s account.
Instead of trying to crack down on shared accounts, why not offer a secure alternative by letting them legally share gated content with the types of users and relationships you define.

Secure content sharing

Use our prebuilt sharing workflows to let your subscribers invite friends, family, or colleagues to securely access the same programs or articles behind the paywall.

Access for conversion

Build the rules on who can share what content with whom and for how long. Publishers and OTT service providers can use our event stream – which logs all activity – to trigger their CRM to start converting invited users into paying subscribers. 

Access to individuals, not accounts

With Scaled Access, every new or invited viewer needs to self-register to get their own access or stream, even within a group subscription. No need to continue offering concurrent access which encourages freeloading.


Set up self-managed group subscriptions

Stop asking your customers to supply you with the email addresses and names, and/or titles of the users that they want to give access to.

Delegated administration

We let streaming services and publishers offer family and corporate subscriptions where subscribers manage access for their respective household or organization members.

Not all viewers are equal

Not everybody gets to view the same content. Defining what user attributes, such as age or qualifications, impact access scope permissions are the best way to leverage your investments in video subscription or paywall management software.


Make recommendations based on relationships

Knowing who your users are – and who granted them access – lets you create precise, personal user experiences to improve conversion and retention.

Recommend the right content, ads or offers

Add relationships to identities to predict users’ interests and recommend relevant items. We make sure your users consent to collect their zero-party and first-party data for recommender systems and collaborative filtering.

Sync access with your subscription model

Use our rich domain model to map your users, groups, content resources, and relationships easily and build access rules in sync with your subscriber lifecycle stages.

Advanced access management benefits

No one-account-per-household constraintConvert freeloaders into targetable viewers
Sharing gated content without sharing passwordsBuild-your-own contextual access policy that matches your subscription strategy
Decrease cost & complexity by externalizing authorizationZero Trust security & CARTA inspired risk controls
Network-based content recommendations & relevant adsBuilt to anticipate churn and changing relationships
Access linked to individuals, not subscriptions or profilesGDPR compliance through consent enforcement