Identity Integration

Our SaaS-delivered access management solution seamlessly integrates with any identity management tool that applies OpenID and OAuth 2.0 standards. We have out-of-the-box connections for OKTA & Auth0.

Application Integration

Easily integrate Scaled Access with your applications using our fully documented REST API.


Token Enrichment

Integrate Scaled Access with your Identity Provider to enrich access tokens with permissions based on the interpersonal relationships in place.

Decision Endpoint

Let Scaled Access provide a cloud decision endpoint designed as an externalized authorization service that easily integrates with your backend or your API Gateway.

Config API

Use Scaled Access APIs for configuration and authorization, and notify your backend of important events.


Leverage our sidecar architecture for local network latency. The sidecar is managed remotely, but decision requests are kept local, ensuring predictable performance.


We provide out-of-the-box bidirectional provisioning for Okta and Auth0 to synchronize the user’s relationships and role assignments.