Digital Ecosystem Access

Offer faster internal and external access to your protected resources.
Scaled Access provides a secure sharing environment for today’s extended workforce and delegation to partner and customer organizations. 

Partner Access Management

Let partner organizations and business customers manage or administer access for their employees to your applications, services, or shared resources, without having to go through the elaborate process of configuring federations first.

Extended Workforce Access Management

Authorize managers to invite employees, freelancers, and independent contractors to self-register and become part of the team that has permission to access your enterprise applications and internal systems.

Delegated Administration Reimagined

SetupSeparate setup per partner organizationZero setup
Access PermissionsWait for ITImmediate
DelegationApproved organizationsAll partner and customer organizations
User ManagementInternal & external users are managed differentlyAll users managed the same
Sharing and CollaborationUsers can’t share resources on their ownUsers share resources


Empower teams

Let employees and partners decide who they share and collaborate with. On your terms.

Build an open ecosystem

If a supplier of a partner needs access to your resources, no problem. Our relationship-based access control is designed to grant authorization based on multi-hop relationships.

Reduce administrative burden

Save valuable IT resources with powerful self-registration, delegated access management, and access control automation. 

Balance agility and consistency

Centralize your access policy to consistently enforce your policy rules across multiple systems and implement policy changes without having to update software in individual applications.

Gain visibility and control

Automated access control is a zero-trust strategy put into practice. Each new user self-registers, which makes all users visible to you. Every activity is logged for audit and monitoring. 

Relationship-based Access Control

Offer access permissions not just based on who’s asking but also based on who they know or work for. We extend your identity management solution with advanced access management capabilities by adding the concept of relationships.

Compliant Access

Protect personal data, make sure users agree to new terms and conditions, and leverage our event log for security.

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