Smart energy meets smart access

All stakeholders in the grid, building, and vehicle-level services are offered fast, granular access to energy management interfaces and smart charging.


Access management for energy efficiency

Encourage people to reduce energy consumption through access to holistic information about the impact of energy-efficient behaviors that benefits the environment and lowers costs.

Fine grained authorization

Offer providers, suppliers, and consumers access to energy usage monitoring in a way that makes sense for each of them.

Temporary usage

Use our access sharing and self-registration capabilities to enable owners to offer guests, tenants, or temporary users limited access without having to find the system administrator.


Connect an ecosystem of partners

Policy-based access management will improve the interfirm and intrafirm processes needed to create a partner ecosystem for utilities and equipment suppliers.

Enhanced services

Let partner or supplier organizations create their own user list and add or remove staff members who need access to your systems or interfaces to be able to provide maintenance, field, and diagnostic services.

Advanced authorization

Our unique hybrid relationship-based and attribute-based access control let you determine who within and outside your organization can access and share energy monitoring systems, usage data, or device dashboards.

Scaled Access has helped us drive customer engagement
and enhance our reputation.

Antoine Frack Head of Smart & Connected (Digital Factory)


Sharing renewable energy

When the sharing economy meets charging infrastructure.

Charger sharing

Authorize charging station owners to share the use of their charging stations with colleagues, tenants, or neighbors and to bill for the energy transactions.

Fleet managed permissions

Let fleet owners add and remove EV owners who need to recharge at public, private, and even domestic charge points.