Make everybody feel more welcome

Use our turnkey access management technology to provide better shopping experiences and scale your extended workforce or multi-vendor marketplace.


Make shopping a shared experience

We’re more accustomed to doing things together, apart. So why not shopping?
Let your shoppers ‘share, explore, and purchase together’ online.

Social shopping

Social shopping (with friends and family) is embedded in our culture. Scaled Access enables your customers to share their shopping carts and engage in social commerce securely.

Shared loyalty programs

Authorize communities, organizations, groups, and clubs to manage access for their members to omnichannel loyalty programs. And build a relationship with each member that self-registers.


Facilitate seller onboarding on your marketplace

Access management technology fundamentally changes
how marketplaces connect with sellers and suppliers.

Marketplace access

Invite vendors and merchants to access your multi-vendor marketplace or platform and authorize them to manage access for their staff.  Easily connect shipment and fulfillment partners as well.

Vendor permissions

Build access policy rules on who gets to see or do what in terms of initial setup and ongoing service.


Contingent workforce management

Being able to scale the company’s workforce – up or down – is vital for retailers in today’s economy. Our unique access management solution makes it easy to onboard and offboard non-employee talent.

Non-employee workforce

Authorize store owners or franchisees to add temporary staff, freelancers, or seasonal workers to their team and give them instant but secure access to your internal systems needed to do their job.


Scaled Access easily integrates with any HR application, POS system, retail management system, and other retail software through REST API. We apply industry-standard protocols such as OpenID & OAuth 2.0.