Scaled Access Launches Consent Management

Scaled Access today announced that it had added Consent Management to its platform. Consent Management is a new feature that secures how users’ personal data can be accessed and used, offering a new way for customers to strengthen their relationship with their users.

The benefits of Consent Management include:

  • Boosting GDPR compliance by ensuring that access to personal data is always subject to user consent.
  • Giving users more control over their personal data.
  • Increased trust between users and customers.

Consent Management allows customers to:

  • Ensure that anyone can only access their service exclusively under the terms of their service agreement.
  • Store and keep records of the lifecycle of users’ consent choices.
  • Give users the option to give, deny and withdraw consent over the access and use of their personal data.
  • Give users the option to permanently delete their personal data and keep an audit-log on delete requests.

Consent Management is now available. Head over to the documentation for more info.

This is another huge milestone on our 2019 roadmap!

About Scaled Access

Scaled Access offers the new standard in multi-user access. Its cloud-based authorization platform empowers people to access and share digital assets.

Scaled Access deploys a unique authorization model that uses roles, attributes, context, and relationships to map out permissions.

Scaled Access is built on the most widely used identity provider platforms. The platform is already being used by 30 million consumers worldwide today and is trusted by global enterprises.

Scaled Access is located in Leuven, Belgium.