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Convert freeloaders into targetable users

Let your subscribers share content without sharing their password

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No more account sharing

1 in 5 people are using someone-else’s account to view content.
That means they’re not paying for your subscription.
It also means you can’t target them.
Scaled Access puts a stop to that.

As the first access platform to look beyond the user-to-asset relationship and explore the user-to-user relationship, Scaled Access gives you the ability to allow your subscribers to invite friends and family to view the same content. Every viewer gets their own account which helps you drive more subscription conversions.

Improve customer experience

Freeloader habits pollute your subscriber’s recommendations. And, that ruins the user experience.

Knowing who your users are – and who invited them – lets you create precise, personal user experiences to improve customer retention.

Scaled Access gives you that insight, so you can recommend content and deliver relevant ads and offers to both subscribers and viewers.

User data tied to the user,
not the subscription


That’s why we’ve made it super simple to turn access off and on again.
With data tied to a person, and not to a subscription,
you can continue where you left off when they come back.

Superior Customer Experience Drive Business Growth
No one-account-per-household constraint Convert freeloaders into targetable viewers
Sharing gated content without sharing passwords Build-your-own contextual access policy that matches your subscription strategy
Decrease cost & complexity by externalising authorization Zero-trust security & CARTA inspired risk controls
Network-based content recommendations & relevant ads Built to anticipate churn and changing relationships
Access linked to individuals not subscriptions or profiles GDPR compliance through consent enforcement

Digital Media Subscriptions


  • Online video distributors
  • Multichannel video programming distributors
  • Broadcast industry providers
  • Media companies & publishers
  • Telcos
  • MediaTech

Convert freeloaders into targetable users!

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