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Sharing Access
without sharing Passwords

Empower your users to autonomously access and share content, data or services. On your terms.

We won't spam you or resell your data. Find out more.

Relationship-based access control

Extend your user base with access sharing

Let your existing user base drive organic growth by authorizing them to invite others and securely share access. You decide who can share what with whom.

Picture of iPhone showing a Scaled Access email where Matt invites David to view his patient record.

Advanced authorization

Adapt access to your business needs

Define authorization policies for your specific business ecosystem. Our platform is built to handle complex requests and offers personalised, granular access. And when your business requirements change, we implement any policy changes instantly.

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Externalized authorization

Reduce administrative burden

You provide the policy, we take care of the rest.
Our cloud-based platform grants permissions to people and organizations without human intervention.

Data-driven insights

Leverage data for innovation

Gain network insights on your users and
their relationships to improve the user experience
and build innovative services and tools. Our event stream
captures all access and sharing activity and sends
them to your Security Information and
Event Management tool (SIEM) for collection.

Data protection

Offer users trust

People want to know how and by whom their personal data
will be used. Our platform ensures that access to confidential
information is always subject to explicit consent,
even between users.


Eliminate fraud

We adopt a Zero Trust strategy and verify each
access request. We log all activity for compliance
monitoring and audits. We follow the CARTA
model for security control by constantly checking
if the controls we rely on are working as they should.

Ready to adapt to how your users interact in the real-world?

We won't spam you or resell your data. Find out more.

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