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Authorize teams and consumers
to get and give access

Our easy-to-integrate platform provides advanced policy based access control and delegated administration.

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Relationship based access control

Revolutionize online
sharing & collaboration

Let your users invite others to get access as well.
Start delegating access administration today.

Discover the invitation workflow

Picture of iPhone showing a Scaled Access email where Matt invites David to view his patient record.

Attribute based access control

Ensure compliance
with fine grained authorization

Use attributes that describe the user, the resource and the context to determine who gets to view, do or share what with whom.

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Externalized authorization

Save time & lower risk

You provide the policy, we enforce it.
Our automated authorization platform checks in real-time if a request matches your access policy, without human intervention, through OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Our industry solutions

Data-driven insights

Leverage data for innovation

Detect patterns & recognize trends to enhance your user experience, make recommendations or build innovative services.
We use a graph database and event stream to store entity-relationships and access-related activity.

Data protection

Offer users trust

People want to know how and by whom their personal data will be used.
We ensure that access to zero party data is always subject to informed consent.


Eliminate fraud

We adopt a Zero Trust strategy and verify each access request.
We log all activity and send it to your Security Information and Event Management tool (SIEM) for compliance monitoring and audit.

Open standards


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We won't spam you or resell your data. Find out more.