[Leuven, Belgium] – Nov. 11, 2020 – British firm Identity Methods, an end-to-end provider of identity, privacy, governance, and security solutions, has signed a partnership with the Leuven-based automated access provider, Scaled Access. The Belgium-based CIAM provider offers industry-leading delegated administration solutions, serving and securing millions of users worldwide as they give and get access.

With availability on the Auth0 Marketplace and a user base of over 30 million, Scaled Access is recognized as an industry-leading provider of CIAM solutions to automate and streamline access workflows, reducing the back-office burden and improving UX for both businesses and customers.

Ian Collard, Managing Director at Identity Methods, remarked: “We are very happy to be working with such a successful and ambitious firm.  Scaled Access offers adaptable delegated access solutions, with a client-focused, cloud-based approach. This partnership allows us to harness the ease of use and scalability offered by Scaled Access, in order to help both service providers and customers work better together.

The technology behind Scaled Access represents, for us, immense value and exceptional functionality. With new solutions flooding the security scene, we believe this is a uniquely capable CIAM option for organizations of all sizes in the UK. Scaled Access means that they can cut their IAM expenditure while offering user-friendly, secure, and lightweight solutions to give and get access to apps, services, and data.

Commenting on the relationship, Ward Duchamps, CEO at Scaled Access, said: “After crossing paths with Identity Methods so many times, this partnership is a natural move for us. Like us, Identity Methods have specialist expertise in the CIAM market, and they implement next-generation solutions for their clients. We anticipate a fruitful and exciting collaboration.

The technology behind Scaled Access represents, for us, immense value and exceptional functionality.

Ian Collard, Managing Director at Identity Methods


About Identity Methods

Identity Methods offers a broad range of solutions and services that are designed to provide cutting-edge security and performance while maximizing business value. Identity Methods offers a range of IAM, PAM, and IGA solutions to suit a broad range of customers.

As an end-to-end solution and service provider, Identity Methods also provides consultancy, implementation, and managed services for all of these areas of identity and access, as well as for robotic process automation; rapid application development; and cloud integration solutions. Long-term support and innovation are also available.

Identity Methods can offer DevOps, R&D, and project management from leading academics and product experts, delivering maximum value and future-proof function for their clients.

Contact info@identitymethods.co.uk, call +44 845 241 1836 or visit www.identitymethods.co.uk for more details.

About Scaled Access

Scaled Access offers the first automated access solution that delegates access administration to users. Its cloud platform authorizes consumers and teams to access and share protected content, data, or devices, all by themselves.

Fine-grained access is automatically provided in real-time based on the access policy in place. Scaled Access deploys a unique authorization model that uses attributes, context, and relationships to map out permissions.

Scaled Access is built to scale. Its rule-engine and graph database can handle an unlimited number of relationships, so it doesn’t matter how many people, parties, resources, or applications customers want to provide authorization for. They currently serve over 30 million users and specialize in providing access management for Media, Finance, Software, Healthcare, and IoT.

The company is privately held and located in Leuven, Belgium.

For more information, visit https://www.scaledaccess.com/ or follow Scaled Access on LinkedIn.