Moving is never easy, but despite the grind, we shook off the Jet lag and we are now ready to announce the establishment of a new base in Leuven.  

Scaled Access is now located at MC-Square on Philipssite street 5 in Leuven.

All our employees and representatives have been relocated from Regus and we are ready to re-discover ourselves in a new environment, facing lots of excitement, new obstacles, and a promising new beginning.

For already 10 years Leuven has been our constant, loving, and admirable host. We are proud to represent the city and continue growing in Belgium in collaboration with Leuven Mindgate. Mindgate is a tripartite super-organization that promotes governments, private enterprises, and knowledge institutions to work together on issues concerning Technology, Health, and Creativity.

Scaled Access will keep on expanding, providing quality service for both existing and prospective customers.

On a side note: Philipssite hosted the Philips factory between 1929 and 1989.

About Scaled Access

Scaled Access offers the new standard in multi-user access. Its cloud-based authorization platform empowers people to access and share digital assets.

Scaled Access deploys a unique authorization model that uses roles, attributes, context, and relationships to map out permissions.

Scaled Access is built on the most widely used identity provider platforms. The platform is already being used by 26 million consumers worldwide today and is trusted by global enterprises, such as Coca-Cola, Michelin, Hager, and Roularta.

Scaled Access is located in Leuven, Belgium.