Our platform has grown into something we’re all proud of – as we, no doubt, should be. Our previous brand name was alright, but it just didn’t have the right kick to it.

For those of you who do not know it, our previous brand name was ‘miaa Guard’. miaa Guard was a name that made sense. It was logical, and it got the message across eventually. But in reality, people didn’t quite get it. It failed to stand out.

The word ‘Guard’ is a nostalgic blast from the past. The “good old days” when security simply said “No!”. While ‘miaa’ stands for ‘Managing Identity, Access, and Authorization’, and that’s a bit of a mouthful.

A new name that suits us better

So we began to search for a new name, one that describes exactly what we do.
Enter, ‘Scaled Access’…

Essentially and quite literally: we provide Scaled Access. Our platform enables users to get and share access all by themselves.

It now looks like rebranding is simple and the result is, but the process was not (we have several stuffed Slack channels to prove it).

It all begins with a classical textbook rebranding strategy: The mission, the vision, the audience, and the market. We went by the book and tossed all of it out of the window by the end…

What you see now, is the result of our “boldness”. We decided to push the limits of brand identity; this is our new voice. We hope you like it.

As far as our brand values go, the best way to experience them first-hand is to stop reading and to get in touch. Because it’s simply the truth, we didn’t need to make anything up. Just stating the facts, this is how we operate on a day-to-day basis:

Ultimately it all boils down to the team; our team to make sure our brand – Scaled Access – delivers authentically.

About Scaled Access

Scaled Access offers the first automated access solution that delegates access administration to users. Its cloud platform authorizes consumers and teams to access and share protected content, data, or devices, all by themselves.

Fine-grained access is automatically provided in real-time based on the access policy in place. Scaled Access deploys a unique authorization model that uses attributes, context, and relationships to map out permissions.

Scaled Access is built to scale. Its rule-engine and graph database can handle an unlimited number of relationships, so it doesn’t matter how many people, parties, resources, or applications customers want to provide authorization for. They currently serve over 30 million users and specialize in providing access management for Media, Finance, Software, Healthcare, and IoT.

The company is privately held and located in Leuven, Belgium.

For more information, visit https://www.scaledaccess.com/ or follow Scaled Access on LinkedIn.