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Add innovative authorization to your application strategy

You know what makes great technology - simple and sophisticated components that don’t take an entire IT team to figure out. At Scaled Access, we are committed to bringing you the best access management technology on the market.
Our externalized authorization platform lets you provide dynamic access rights based on a centrally managed policy. And it lets you easily implement policy changes as it decouples authorization from your application code.

Support any access control scenario through attribute based access control

Attribute based access control is the best way to control access to externally facing portals, applications and other types of resources like mobile apps and IoT interfaces. It lets you grant fine grained authorizations in real-time based on user-, action, resource- and environmental attributes.
ABAC supports every access control scenario you can think of.

Authorize your customers to give access to others

Scaled Access is the first authorization solution that provides delegated access administration with relationship based access control.
Use ReBAC to let teams manage group accounts or give access to ecosystem partners. You can even let individual subscribers manage family accounts or invite friends to sample your technology.

Access control for multi tenant applications

We let you set different access and consent policies for individual tenants within multi tenant applications. Plus, you can limit administration privileges to a limited group of users.

A user- and app-centric model for security

Provide secure access to your customers on their personal devices from home or anywhere else. Our authorization engine takes a zero trust approach and automatically verifies each access request and grants permissions based on a real-time retrieval of the conditions of your attribute based access policy.

Scaled Access platform benefits

Software Provider Software Customer End User
Advanced access for rapid adoption Delegate administration to end users Sharing access with others
Organic growth with ecosystem sharing Fine-grained access policy tailored to organization ecosystem & needs Access from personal devices
Decrease cost & complexity by externalising authorization Zero-trust security & CARTA inspired risk controls Trust through consent 2.0 enforcement
Future-proof scalable technology Reduce the cost of managing access change Self-service request with just in time access
Innovation based on network insights Rule based access control to alleviate administrative burden Consistent user experience

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Work together with us to offer authorization services that can be seamlessly integrated and facilitate user transactions & interactions.

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