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People want to share access to your software with the people they know or interact with.
Scaled Access is the first authorization solution that enables software providers to delegate access administration to the users themselves.
You set the rules on who can share what with whom. You can limit sharing in scope and time, based on your strategy in terms of acquisition, segmentation or network effect.

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Innovative software development

Build new features and functionalities that your users actually need.
We provide you with insights into how your end users interact with your software.
Our event stream captures and relays all event data on users, relationships and access related activity to help you improve your software.

Decrease cost and complexity

Externalising authorization means separating policy management from the application lifecycle.
Our platform automatically manages all party and person access to your software, including to software that has a multi-tenant architecture.
Focus on your service while we manage access management for you.

A user- and app-centric model

People want to access your service on their personal devices from home or anywhere else.
We let you provide access to where, when, and however your users want to gain access.
Our authorization engine automatically verifies each access request and grants permissions based on a real-time retrieval of the conditions that your access policy requires.

Seamless integration

Our REST API-solution easily integrates into any IT architecture.
We also connect with the most widely used Customer Identity Management platforms such as Auth0, Akamai, Gluu and Azure AD B2C.

Scaled Access platform benefits

Software Provider Software Customer End User
Advanced access for rapid adoption Delegate administration to end users Sharing access with others
Organic growth with ecosystem sharing Fine-grained access policy tailored to organization ecosystem & needs Access from personal devices
Decrease cost & complexity by externalising authorization Zero-trust security & CARTA inspired risk controls Trust through consent 2.0 enforcement
Future-proof scalable technology Reduce the cost of managing access change Self-service request with just in time access
Innovation based on network insights Rule-based access control to alleviate administrative burden Consistent user experience

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