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Multi user access doesn’t just stop at adding users

Not only does Scaled Access let owners decide who gets to use their devices, it lets owners refine how others can use their devices. With Scaled Access, device owners can limit access based on who they’re inviting and why. After all, should your child have the same level of access as you? Should the cleaner have access every day, or Wednesdays only?

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Access that reflects
real world interactions

Permissions shouldn't last forever. Scaled Access lets you build dynamic access policies that reflects real household life. Children grow up and move out, housemates come and go, and breakups sadly happen. With Scaled Access, when users or relationships change, so do the access rights.

Privacy and compliance
with data protection regulations

Smart devices collect vast amounts of user data on a daily basis. However, this data can be accessed by all of the device’s users. Not with Scaled Access. We allow your users to set privacy levels and the conditions for consent of the accessibility and use of their personal data. With Scaled Access, parents can monitor their children more effectively and renters can stop landlords from invading their privacy.

Smart Devices


  • Smart lock manufacturing & suppliers
  • Smart thermostat manufacturers
  • Home automation solution providers
  • Lighting control systems providers
  • Smart assistant companies
  • Smart video doorbell manufacturers
  • IoT automotive

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