Remove barriers to sharing health data

Offer fine grained access to medical information for patient treatment, clinical collaboration & research

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Enable secure sharing

Design complex rules around who can access what based on person and resource attributes and the desired action (view, exchange, collaborate). Scaled Access provides the necessary compliance, security, and privacy surrounding medical records. We offer fine grained access to clinical notes, lab tests, medical images, sensor readings, genomics and operational and financial data.

Accelerate stronger collaboration

Our loosely coupled API based solution plugs in your current systems and allows you in no time to connect hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, public health, and any other healthcare provider who needs access.

Patients take control

Authorize patients to share their clinical records with the people they trust: family, doctors, nurses, caregivers. We provide relationship-based access control for consumer-directed exchange of medical data to improve the personalized user experience.

More effective clinical trials

Delegate administration to hospitals & clinics to manage access for study & research staff. Let staff conveniently enroll study volunteers in (mobile) clinical trials. Our platform even provides workflows for participants to connect with each other to feel less isolated and share their experience.

Reduce compliance costs

We anticipate stricter privacy regulations linked to remote healthcare tools like telemedicine, wearable sensors, and preventive healthcare apps. Our future-proof solution adopts the Kantara principles to ensure that patient data is only accessed with the patient’s informed consent or that of their legal representative.

Secure Sharing Stronger Collaboration
Empower care providers & patients to access, share & exchange medical information Built for health ecosystems with different stakeholders
Fine-grained access based on relationships, attributes, roles & context Centralised access control for multiple systems & resources
Data only accessed with informed consent Event stream for analytics & machine learning
Real-time request validation Integration using Open Industry standards

Medical Records


  • EMR software solutions
  • EHR software solutions
  • Medical Teleconsultation / Telemedicine services
  • Mobile-Health application providers
  • MedTech
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • BioTech

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