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Enable improved, more secure collaboration

Empower all actors within your ecosystem to share personal, financial or insurance data under conditions approved by your customers.

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Allow confidential data sharing
while minimising risks and costs

When businesses were closed environments, back-office could manage staff’s authorisations themselves. But now regulation, customer demand and business innovation make it mandatory for lots of sectors to open their services and share confidential data with external parties.
Scaled Access provides a revolutionary access platform that empowers your team to invite third parties, distributors or peers to access the same confidential data. We let your clients invite relatives as well. We ensure that access to confidential information is always subject to explicit consent

Build-your-own authorisation policy

Companies, such as yours, must embrace the notion of contextual privacy to continue to maintain trust and to protect customers in an open ecosystem. We let you build policies that give you clear control over who can share with whom and offers confidence that no one else can access what they share.
We give you to ability to adapt the access policy to your specific business needs. Our authorization model covers real business scenarios allowing you to set conditions based on users (roles and attributes) and who they know or work with (relationships). Your policy and our platform will make sharing confidential data a fundamentally more private experience.

Leverage your ecosystem
for better insights

All activities are logged and streamed to your central event management tool for compliance monitoring and fraud detection. You can use the same data on users, relationships and activities to get insights on how information is shared and accessed to build better personalised experiences.

Open standards
for easy integration

Scaled Access is cloud based, utilising libraries, and the same open standards used by companies building Open Banking and PSD2 solutions – OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect 1.0. – allowing for simple integration.

Financial Products & Services


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