Access Features

Build-your-own Authorisation Policy

Scaled Access lets you adapt authorisation to your business needs. You decide who can do what, on what, and under what conditions. However, this doesn’t just stop at role-based or attribute-based access control. We revolutionise access by including relationships between users. This allows you to build and implement policies that are more complex and context-based, taking the user’s environment into account and granting access accordingly.

Identity-less Access tokens

Our tokens contain no personal information to shield your applications from handling personal data. Your platform doesn’t need to know who is asking for access, only whether they can have it.

Consent Management

Scaled Access ensures that accessing, processing, and sharing personal data is always subject to consent. We can also ensure that users agree to the latest consent update before access is given to your services. Scaled Access offers you the structure to build a GDPR compliant application.

Relationship Management

We provide sharing capabilities that lets your users invite others and share access.

Validation Workflows

The Scaled Access platform enables users to get and share access all by themselves. We authorise their requests in real-time, using validation workflows. These workflows are the cornerstone of our authorisation model. They make sure that only the right people get the right access. They check if the conditions and context are met, through data matching with internal and external data sources. We use validation workflows to check: · statements about user roles and attributes · context (location, time, device) · relationships (if user x was invited by user y with role z). We partner with the most widely used Identity Providers who first authenticate the user for us.

Config API

The initial set is done by a blueprint that you can fully customise to your business needs. You can define your user network, create consents for different regions, and decide which conditions your users must meet to be granted access.

Event stream

All events are captured and forwarded to the system of your choice. You can use this information to run analytics, perform audits, feed recommender systems or develop innovative services or tools.

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